first year in the books

I just completed my first year of college.

Last fall I moved to the Southeast Tech apartments, away from all my comfort zones. I didn’t know a single soul that was going to be living in a 45-minute radius of where I was about to be. I was moving into a shared apartment with three other girls in which the only thing I knew about them was the information they chose to share on their Facebooks and Instagrams. To say the least, I was terrified. I wasn’t sure I made the right choice in choosing Southeast Tech as my new home, and then the year started.

I had one of the greatest years of my life. I made a family of new friends! I had friends in my own room, across the hall and even across town. I can barely remember the fear I had on the first day. I had people that I shared laughs, pizza and even sometimes coffee (I can make some pretty strong coffee only a few can handle) with and I knew that when my car wouldn’t start someone would be at my rescue to help me figure out how to jump it. I am very grateful for all the friends I made in the short eight months at school.

The reason most people go to college is to obtain a degree, learn more about the world, and gain knowledge from people who are hand selected to form young minds. I can confidently say that I am on my way to a degree, I’ve definitely learned about the world (East River is a whole different world then West River), and my teachers are filling my brain with information I didn’t even know existed.

My three core teachers, Tony, Romy, and Rick, do their job well. I will admit that on my first day when they were giving the overview of my major my brain hurt because I’m pretty sure they were speaking a different language. I have learned that they were not. They were speaking design. It is like learning a different language. I heard the words vector and raster for the first time and was dumbfounded and now I could give definitions. I love Graphic Design and my teachers really helped in that process. I love working in the creative field and can’t wait until I graduate next year and get to do what I love every day.

Overall, I would consider my first year at Southeast Tech was a success. I am going to enjoy the summer and continue to be excited about moving back to Sioux Falls in four months.

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