social media

I will be the first to admit that I am addicted to all forms of social media. 

First of all, my absolute favorite, the one I will click before any of the rest – Snapchat. I love Snapchat for a number of reasons but primarily for the reason that it is the most common among my friends.Going to college when I first met anyone before I even knew their last name I knew their Snap username. That is how we communicated. No one used phone numbers and it was a foreign concept to me. I know that if someone I know is doing something exciting that they will post in on Snapchat. I may not even care but it is up there for me to see so I watch in amusement.

Secondly, Instagram. My Ig is less of a person to person experience. I follow a lot of bigger accounts. I follow celebrities, yogis, foodies, fitspos, and fashionistas. My favorite thing about my Insta is that it is constantly updating and I don’t have to ever refresh and find the same post still on top. Insta is how I find my favorite tips and tricks and that is worth the world to me.

Next, I would choose Pinterest. I regularly only go on Pinterest when I am on my laptop because I love the browser version, don’t get me wrong the media version is just as good but I love Pinterest because I can see a bunch of posts at once and it’s not the same experience on the mobile version. A good portion of my ideas stem from Pinterest, I find decoration, fashion, health and fitness, and DIY projects all on this specific website. I used to believe Pinterest wasn’t very social, but then I discovered that I was using it wrong. I followed a bunch of my friends with styles similar to mine and now I can see many more ideas from people that I love and admire.

Another social media form I love is Tumblr. The best way to describe Tumblr is… a whole different world. The Tumblr community is totally invested. There are different sides to this dynamic website so finding where you fit is a bit of a trial and error. I found that I am more of a common user. I blog pictures I think are cool and quotes I love. I am just starting to figure out where I belong on this website so I wouldn’t be the person to go to for advice just yet.

BONUS: Facebook. As an 18-year-old girl, I would consider Facebook vital to cyber survival. But in saying that, the only reason I post on facebook is to remind my family that I’m alive and so my grandma can see a new selfie every once in a while. I do check facebook daily to see what my family is up to because I can count on them to update their status’s. I think facebook is one of those forms of social media that everyone should have just because everyone has it. Facebook is a universal language.

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