I am a list planning, itinerary reading, time crunch girl.

I have always admired the strong independent ladies who can do anything they want and do it in heels. I don’t do spontaneous very well, I don’t like going places alone and I don’t go places if I don’t know exactly what to expect. I even check the weather report at night to see how to plan my outfit for the next day. This is an issue that I’m trying to work on and so my goal for the summer (and life) is to embrace spontaneity.

I am sad to admit that I spent every day of my second semester of college in my bed binge watching TV shows. I didn’t let myself fall into random adventures or even give myself the chance to feel uncomfortable. I want to live a life that is exciting or at least spent making, developing, and maintaining great relationships with people. I love everyone who is in my life and I want them to feel loved by me. Relationships are the most vital survival tool.

I made a trip to Denver the other day. My friend called me at 10:30pm saying she was leaving at 6am the next day and I could choose to go along if I wanted. I fought the immediate urge to say no but since I had nothing going on I said yes and I had so much fun! I’m a believer that Chick-Fil-A for lunch and Cheesecake Factory for dinner makes a day amazing. We hit up the mall and saw her family and the 35-hour trip was finished.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and things turned out okay. I can do that more often, I need to do that more often.

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