Spring Break: The Bus

I got to go to New York!

I always wanted to go to  New York so I jumped at the chance to go when my school offered a trip to go with the business program. I wasn’t close to anyone that went on the trip having only taken two business classes. I knew the name of one girl in my bible study, I knew another girl that had an amazing fashion sense. She was in my computer class first semester and I knew a guy that was also in the same computer class.

To say I was scared I would be traveling the Big Apple alone would be an understatement. I knew that the 30-hour bus ride would determine everything. I saw Becca and Kendel together and I decided it would be smart to sit near them so I opted for the seat in front of Kendal. I was across the aisle from Anna. The three girls, Kendal, Becca, and Ana were all roommates so they knew each other well and I knew instantly that I wanted to be friends with them as well.

We were friends by the time we got to Iowa. The bus stopped about every two hours (which was a little excessive) and for every meal. We ate lunch somewhere in Iowa, had dinner in Illinois, breakfast in Pennsylvania, and Lunch in New Jersey. Each stop involved shopping with everyone afraid to spend too much money because no one wanted to run out in New York so coffee and a meal was all. After every stop, we loaded back onto the cramped charter bus and drove on.

My friends and I talked almost the whole ride and by the time we got to New York I asked to switch to their room because they didn’t know the fourth girl that well that was staying with them and by the time we traveled across the United States we were all besties.

Switching my room was one of the best decisions ever. I love those girls with all my heart! They are three of the sweetest people ever and we had so much fun!

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