Spring Break: Times Square

We unloaded the bus to head to the Square.

Kendal, Becca, Anna, and I walked into the square and just stood there amazed. This was the scene that so many people in the world has seen. It’s crazy to think that celebrities, immigrants, tourists, and anyone who wants to go can go and look around this very bright block. How bright it was shocked me. I know that I shouldn’t be surprised because it is Times Square and there are flashing billboards everywhere but even at 9pm when the sun was long gone I could see perfectly clear without knowing that its night time. The other shocker was how many people there were. New York has millions of people that live there. I can’t imagine what the population would be if they counted a number of tourists there were on any given day. I’ve heard that locals don’t hang out in the Square so all the people we saw were all foreign to the city just like we were. That blows my mind.

We walked around soaking everything in and shopped the mega stores. It crazy to see a four-story Forever 21. We went into Sephora, and M&M World because we couldn’t image what was even in there. We looked around and only saw chain stores. Our group agreed that we did not travel 1,364 miles to eat at Applebees so we decided to leave Times Square and go a couple blocks to find some local dining. 

We ended up in a pizza restaurant (I can’t even remember the name).  The pizza was literally the size of my head and it was GOOD. After eating fast food and little snacks all the way to NYC this pizza was exactly what I needed. After resting our feet for a bit we went down the block and saw this cute little gelato shop. After squealing with excitement about having official New York gelato we went in and got our cones. I honestly don’t know what makes gelato different from just ice cream but after consuming this wonderful creation I never questioned it. That maple gelato was one of the best things I’ve ever had in my life. The artists that shaped my gelato into a blooming rose deserves a Nobel Prize. It was the most beautiful, delicious thing I’ve ever eaten in my life.

We ventured back into Times Square and walked along for a little big longer and then we headed to Radio City Music Hall where the bus was picking us up.

After getting back on the bus and hearing how everyone elses night went Kendal, Becca, Anna, and I decided that we did the best thing by leaving Times Square to eat. We had a taste of the real New York and expierenced food that we may never have again. While others ate at Applebees or Olive Garden, which we have in South Dakota, we got to eat pizza the size of our faces and gelato that was to die for.

Our first taste of New York City was DELICIOUS.

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