Spring Break: Day 1

26,000 steps

We all get up on day 1 PUMPED! We are ready to see this city and our tour guide, Darell, had some great plans on the itinerary.

We get dropped off in front of Radio City and all walk to the place in town where the Today show is filmed, we were all super siked to be in the small audience. Following that, we were released into the city to do our own thing until 10am where we had to be at the door to Radio City Music Hall.

Becca, Anna, Kendal, Eric and I went on a mission to find some coffee! We found some and it found it’s way down the front of my shirt. I was lucky enough to be wearing a shirt that was just stripped so I could easily just turn it around and no one would know (until now). We walked around the town for an hour or so and took in the fast paced lifestyle of everyone wearing dark colors and speed walking. The New York pace is a real thing, and anyone who knows me knows I do not walk fast so it took a bit of adjusting to. We ended up back at Radio City Music Hall thanks to iPhone Maps.

That theater is the most beautiful place. The history alone took my breath away. We got to go on the stage, into the upstairs apartment turned dining room where every single person who has ever performed on the stage has eaten, we went under the stage to see the hydraulics, and to the downstairs lobby. We saw the grand entrance with the huge chandeliers. The whole place was amazing. I could never do it justice in my writing.

Next, we hopped on the subway over to Madison Square Garden. Our tour didn’t start until 2:30 so we went to find food. We had a quick lunch and got our butts right over to 5th Ave. The street lives up to the hype. We walked along stopping in Sephora, Lush, and Steve Madden. We got our goodies and then hit the jackpot, we found A Krispie Kreme Donut Shop. We ate those suckers right up after taking a bunch of pictures because we are girls and can’t live without the selfie.

The Madison Square Garden tour was the bomb. We got to go all around it, learn about the history, see the VIP rooms and sit in the courtside seats. After The Garden, we walked through Macys which is huge. and ended up at the Empire State Building. Being at the top of the Empire State Building is no joke. As far as the eye could see there were building and skyscrapers, I have never seen so many buildings. (I’m used to Rapid City where you go on top of M Hill and you can find your house).

We reluctantly left The Empire State Building to head to Grand Central Station. My knowledge Grand Central Station is this: Serena Van Der Woodsen has been inside. To be 100% truthful I don’t even know if she actually has, it may have been just a set for Gossip Girl that Blake Lively was on. Either way, I was blown away by this monumental landmark for this ancient city. This was the last stop on the itinerary for the day so we loaded the bus after finding an ice cream truck to headed back to the hotel to rest our feet.

I walked 26,000 steps on day one according to my Apple Watch, which is a record for me. My feet had never hated me that much but it was worth it and I was so excited to go to bed and wake up bright and early for day two.

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