Spring Break: day 3

We went exploring.

After another great night of sleeping, we went down to breakfast to consume a very little amount of coffee. Then we got on the bus to head to Central Park.

IMG_3299 (1).jpg

Before arriving at Central Park we stopped at the New York City Ballet and Opera House. The Gossip Girl addict in me was totally amazed. I knew that the whole Upper East Side Gang had been where I was standing and Serena was in her gorgeous floor-length blue lace dress. After I snapped back to reality, I stood in pure amazement. That is the place where people dream of getting into. Peoples’ life goals are to perform there and that is a cool thought about anything.

IMG_3321 (1).jpg

We got back on the bus and headed to the Park, it was a little lacking of life because it was the beginning of March but we could still sense how beautiful it could be. We walked around the wintered park and up to Shakespeare’s garden and the Belvedere Castle. We snapped our pics on the balcony like good little teenagers and then headed out.

All 25 of us loaded onto the bus to go The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, which is the 4th largest Christian churches in the world. I was taken back that there was modern art and a small gift shop inside but the church was very real.

After the guided adventure, the real adventure started. My friends (Anna, Becka, Kendal, Justin, Keegan, and Eric) and I went off to cross off something on Becka’s bucket list. We went to find the F•R•I•E•N•D•S apartment building. It is not their actual building, just the one they show before the scene starts. The apartment on top of The Little Owl, a coffee shop in Greenwich Village.

The road to getting from the Cathedral to the apartment building was definitely an interesting one. First, we started on foot trying to find any food establishment because we were starving. We ended up finding a pizza place; New York knows how to do pizza. We walk a little farther and decide that it would be best to take the subway because there is six of us and a cab/uber would be too expensive. We get on the train, almost lose Kendal and Eric but don’t, and a half hour later we are in the Village. We window shop around because everything was about a million dollars and then eventually find the place we want to be. We had survived and Becka lived one of her favorite experiences.


We realized we had so much time until we had to be at the theater before the Broadway Show so we took another train and headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. Again Gossip Girl got the best of me and I imaged Lonely Boy going across that bridge every day while pining for Serena. After we walked almost the full way across the bridge we turned around and went toward Times Square so we wouldn’t miss the cut off time.

IMG_3488 (1).jpg

We made it into the theater with time to sit down for a few minutes before the show started. We recapped our exciting day to anyone that would listen and heard about theirs and then experienced acting like I’d never seen live before. Going in I can admit I knew nothing about Gloria Estavan and coming out I was one of her biggest fans. I give the show, On Your Feet, five stars!

Even though it was only 9:30 pm after the show was over, everyone was wiped out and could barely keep their eyes open. We headed back to the hotel and recapped our day to each other even though we had all experienced it together.

We only had one more morning left in the City and it broke my heart a little to think about leaving but I was dead tired and I knew I would need a weeks’ worth of sleep to do more than that so I was grateful that there was an end in sight.

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