It’s been good

I’m leaving Southeast Tech and my family in Sioux Falls. 

I know I ended my last post about school with the fact that I am excited to head back East River in four months. Well, three and a half months are up and I am going farther than East River. I am headed to Oklahoma.

I want to say this was a hard decision but it really wasn’t. I will say I love all the people I met in my first year of college. I made a family at Southeast but I know that it is time to move to bigger and better things.

My family at Southeast is what kept me going. I had amazing roommates; Mariah, Morgan, and Andrea. We lived well together. We had our arguments and disagreements but we figured it all out and it was really fun eating pizza with those people. They learned how to recycle and we all learned that if we don’t do the dishes for a week we have no spoons. I met one of my best friends, Mariah and we made weekly runs (not literal running) to Little Ceaser’s for pizza and Walmart for maple donuts. It was a great year, but not for the scale. Besides the fact, I get an excuse to go shopping I had a great crew to shop with.

The crew across the hall was a great one. They let me go over there whenever I wanted to play Zombies. Tyler made me food and Trevor was one of the greatest friends ever to hang out with and talk to. The third-floor crew that didn’t live on the third floor was also a hoot. I’ll be forever grateful that I made those friends.

The 3rd floor Andera crew was legendary. We had a lot of fun and sucked at basketball. We never closed our doors so that anyone could come and go as they pleased, which they did and I would have friends come knock on my bedroom door at midnight because they were bored and no one was awake and they knew I would wake up and talk to them. My bunny was very loved because people would visit her whenever they liked. (Sometimes I would come back from class and Bridger was in their feeding Mayble a carrot or a salad). We all had open doors and a lot of trust and no one ever betrayed that. It was one of the greatest things about us.

I loved my people and I depended on my people.

I know my decision to go to Oklahoma Wesleyan may have surprised some people and definitely made Mariah mad. I know I made the right decision. I am about to go experience college and fun and I can’t wait. I know it’s weird that I am looking forward to the community showers and the nights in the library, but I want that. I am looking forward to a cafeteria and a coffee shop and the fact that I don’t have to make egg sandwiches every day because that’s the only thing I know how to make. I am looking forward to basketball games and just the simple fact that I have a mascot. I am very excited about this transfer.

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