“The Best Four Years of my Life”

College is possible.

So like any person in college I contemplate dropping out on a weekly basis, maybe even sometimes on a daily basis. I honestly can say that the only reason I get through is because I have a strong support system cheering me on when times get rough.

So the key to my survival is SLEEP. It shocks me when people are in class at 9 AM and they tell me that they went to bed at four in the morning. I need a solid seven hours or else I am a non-functional member of society. My roommate and I worked out a very good system that if one of us wants to go to bed early we respect each others’ wishes and put headphones on.

One night when I had a cold I told her that I wanted to go to bed at 9:30 and she agreed without even batting an eye. Literally, the next night she told me she wanted to go to bed early since she had a test the next day and so we went to bed at 9:30 two days in a row. Yes, there are nights when Netflix wins in the battle and we are both up until midnight or later but if she were to say I am going to bed I would respect her wishes and shut off the main TV.

The ROOMMATE. So I lucked out with a super chill roommate. We have a really good roommate relationship in the fact that she doesn’t hate the shows I cast to the TV. We keep our room clean but both have our moments of total chaos when the room is a complete disaster but luckily those fall at the same time. We are both super upfront people so when something is on our mind we speak it and basically have the same morals and values so we don’t have any isolating beliefs.

We are definitely very different people but somehow this relationship was blessed to work. She is from Oklahoma and is a total country gal which I am not. Somehow though we both bring something fresh to the room and our room is cute and it works very well.

I live for caffeine, so obviously COFFEE. I’m not just talking about how I have three to four cups a day (which I do) but the whole environment of the coffee culture. On campus, there is a coffee shop which I basically live in. I do homework, puzzles, drink coffee. I love this place. I don’t know what I would do without Docs.

And last but not least, I couldn’t survive college without Jesus. I am at a place where worshiping the Lord is the norm. I know that isn’t the norm for the world but I am glad to be in this place. I trust in Jesus’ timing and that He has a perfect plan for my life so I have nothing to worry about.

That is where my peace comes from.

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