New Year

2016 was great. 

In January I decided I was going to do devotions. I searched hard and fast to find a blog in which I could do my devotions through. I found and that really set up my success for the year. I woke up at 6 AM almost every morning at Southeast Tech and did my devotions before getting ready for my 8 AM classes. I really enjoyed that time and I kinda miss those quiet cold mornings in the kitchen of my apartment.

In the middle of that semester, I had one of my favorite experiences of my life. I had the opportunity to take a trip to New York City and do all the amazing things I had only dreamed about. That was an amazing trip and will forever be one of the greatest things I’ve done.

Summer hit and my anxiety about the future set in and I thought there was no way I could graduate in a year and be ready to enter the world of adult life. So I decided to leave Southeast Tech and all my amazing friends and move to a foreign state to a school I knew very little about except the fact that I knew it was a school where Jesus was #1 and that’s all I needed to know to send my application in. I got accepted and decided to go and that anxiety settled.

I had no idea what I was walking into which freaked me out a little. I knew no one at OKWU, I didn’t know my roommate or my RA or even what an RA’s role was but I’m thankful I had a good one. I didn’t make friends easily, it wasn’t til about five weeks in that I made a good friend other than my roommate.

In my scheme to make friends, I decided I was going to bring in a puzzle to the coffee shop and whoever did it with me was going to be a great friend. In the couple weeks of puzzle club, we made about 10 puzzles and my I developed some great friendships.

I’m thankful for my semester at Southeast and my semester at Wesleyan and I can’t wait to see where God leads me in 2017.


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