How I spent less then $1000 during Spring Break to Cabo San Lucas.


So this year I went to Oklahoma Wesleyan University, in Bartlesville, OK. I made the most amazing friends throughout the year and we decided we all wanted to do Spring Break BIG and somewhere warm. One of my best friends is absolutely amazing at traveling and so he involuntarily got the task of getting fifteen people to a beach.


Flights – 250
He uses a site,, which shows flights to almost anywhere in the world. We literally found the cheapest flight round trip and decided after we figured out everything else. We looked at places in the US and Mexico, just trying to find some warm weather and nice beaches. We found that Los Cabos had a $250 round trip flight out of Chicago. Since there was fifteen of us who all had more time than money, we decided that driving up to Chicago and flying from their would be the best option. The flight there and back was a total of six different planes but again, we had more time than money.
Since it was such a cheap flight our only option was to only take a carry-on. Luckily we were going somewhere warm and the majority of the time would be spent in a swimsuit so it was relatively easy to pack in a small suitcase.


Sleeping Arrangments – 190
20 – We drove to Chicago so we all chipped in for gas it was only 20 a person considering we were in a seven passenger suburban. Once we got to Chicago we stayed at friend’s uncle’s house, who so generously let fifteen college students crash in his basement for a night. It cost us nothing and he let us keep the three cars in his churches parking lot so parking was free as well.
40 – The next night we had a 9-hour layover in Guadalajara, Mexico. We found a hotel which had an airport shuttle and we piled in a fifteen passager van and stayed at a nice hotel for only $40 a person. It was ideal, we slept had a shower and were on our way.
130 – Since there was fifteen of us, our original plan was to get just one big house and we booked through but our house got canceled. We found out it was a rare occurrence but nonetheless we had to find somewhere else to stay. We ended up staying in three condos which hindsight was the best plan ever. We stayed at the Sunrock Condo Hotel. It was absolutely beautiful. From our ground-floor balcony, we could see the Pacific Ocean and The Arc, which is what Cabo is known for. We had a semi-personal pool which was less than fifty feet away from our bed. I was able to swim at night in a pool overlooking the ocean and the Arc of Cabo San Lucas. Another big plus of the Sunrock was that I never felt unsafe at all. We weren’t in the middle of all the crazy and our hotel was a little bit off the path of all the spring breakers so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. It was absolutely amazing.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_0037

Food – 300
200 – I will be completely honest, I have no idea how much money I spent on food exactly because we ate as many tacos as we could. When we got to Cabo we stopped at Walmart and divided into our condo families and went shopping for groceries because our condos had full kitchens. My condo family did really well at living the life of luxury while watching our pocketbooks. Each morning we would have a nice sit-down breakfast of eggs or pancakes and just laugh and start our day off amazing.
Usually, we would be out and about when lunch came around and we would easily find tacos somewhere.
The dinners were split, either we would be out or make it a point to go back to the Condo and stay in and make some pasta. One of the guys in our condo actually knew how to make food so that was a plus (he even was once retweeted by Gordon Ramsey). We all got dolled up and went out on our last night to the Marina and had a very nice dinner which was about fifteen dollars a plate but that was our most expensive night and it was very worth it.
Some of our money went to water because we weren’t sure about the condition and no one wanted to spend the trip sick so we all pitched in money and bought a couple cases for our week there. I didn’t feel dehydrated at all so it was the perfect amount.

Transport – 20
One of my favorite parts of this trip was the cheapest. We took public transportation whenever we wanted to go somewhere. Cabo is perfectly arranged, the highway runs right through everything. All you have to do is find a white school bus going the direction you want to go and they can get you there. We would all hop on one and it would take us down toward the Marina or to Walmart. It was great. Whenever we would hop on a bus it was about 15 pesos which is about 75 cents. We would do that maybe four times a day and it worked out perfectly.
One night we wanted to go out and see the spring break life and the busses stop running at ten so we had to get a taxi back which was $15 but we all split it so it didn’t seem that bad, but we only did it once so that was fine.


Activity – 30
We did everything we could for free like walk around the Marina and hang out on beaches so we didn’t spend a lot of money. We did take a water taxi for $15 to get a tour of the Arc and it dropped us off a Lover’s Beach and we hung out there. We found a number for a man that lets people hike on his property for free and took advantage of that. We had to get off the beach which cost $10 in a water taxi. We could have hiked back for free but we just wanted some tacos in the moment and the taxi was easier. The majority of the cost was just getting to the beach that you wanted to go to and so that cost was in transportation. The activities themselves didn’t have to cost anything.

MISC – 100
I bought a few things like sunblock when we got to Walmart and we went shopping and I got a dress from an outlet and a few souvenirs in the tourist trap. I bought an authentic Mexican hammock which is beautiful and so fun to have. I bought a hand blown wine glass for my mom which she was so excited about. So I spent a few dollars doing things like that which is still so worth it.

This isn’t a perfect estimate because I didn’t keep too tight of an eye on my money. I would get pesos out of an ATM when I needed them but for the most part, I knew my money went to food and fun and the trip of a lifetime.
*A bonus was that we didn’t buy beer because we didn’t drink on spring break so we didn’t have that expense.

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