Every year I make new years resolutions and this year I decided that I was going to simplify those so that they were attainable because there is a crazy statistic that like almost all of New Year Resolutions fail.

Its June and I have kept them so far!

My resolutions revolved around three relationships: God, others, and self (in that order).


God. My top priority was, is, and will always be my relationship with the Lord. I decided to do that, I would really focus on my quiet time with God or as I call it, my coffee date with Jesus. I can attest to the fact that intentionally sitting down and reading the bible and/or a devotional plan really helps to stregthen your knowledge and understanding of what is going on in the Bible and in your own life. I have grown so much in this past year and its just the greatest feeling ever. I realize how much I love growing and how hunger and thirst for God is such a real phrase. Read more about my morning devos HERE


Others. My relationships with others was a high priority for the year. I tried really hard to make sure all the people that I love having in my life knew that they were important to me. I surround myself with only the best of the best people and I want to make sure that they know that! I absolutly love my friends and family! I even went on vaction with my friends and it was the bomb.com – read about that HERE


Myself. A lot of people my age hate themselves. I vowed that this year I would really focus on only saying nice things to myself and really get to know who I am and enjoy that person. I try my hardest not to be envious of others and really focus on what is good and who God made me to be. Loving yourself is very important and I wanted to actually do that and have the confidence to back it up. Being confident it fun and I can be confident because God made me and sees me as beautiful and I really love that.

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