On a Mission: Texas

I spent a week in Texas and I learned it’s really hot there.

So I already knew it was really hot there but I realized that if I ever go to Texas again, I’m not leaving the pool. But that is not why I went to Texas. I went because I was asked to be a member of a missions team that goes to youth camps around the United States. Our first destination was Aquilla, TX.

Let me back up. Getting to Texas was an adventure itself. It was the first time I had to fly on a plane all on my lonesome. Luckily I am not afraid of flying – I am only afraid of doing things by myself (but that’s another story). I flew out of Rapid City, SD (tiny airport – the type that doesn’t even host big name planes like I flew American but we were subcontracted out by American Eagle a much smaller plane). I was waiting all patiently for my flight just watching the Netflix I downloaded earlier when they called my name on the intercom to go up to the check-in counter.

My insides did a jump because I was already freaked out but when I walked up they said a dog took my seat so I just bumped up to first class! It was something special for me considering I would never even consider buying a first class ticket. It was great. I got to board first, and my seat was really comfy! It was a big blessing because it gave me the confidence to sit with my head held high and be able to relax a little during a very nerve racking experience.

When I got to Dallas, my friend Britney picked me up! We had to wait an hour for our third team member to fly in so we decided to drive a bit and go to a coffee shop neither of us had been to. We went to Paradise Bistro & Coffee Co. in Flower Mound, TX. (check it out here) It was only a short drive from the airport. I had an amazing caramel latte. It was the perfect relaxing atmosphere after a long flight. It was actually the first time I’d sat down with Britney and just talked. Thankfully we got along great and we were both really looking forward to spending two straight weeks together.

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We went back picked up D-Lo from the airport and met up with Evan then we all went back to Britney’s house. Her mom had made Chicken Spaghetti (recipe here) which was amazing. I had never had the combination of the two and I really enjoyed it.

We had a good nights sleep and went to our first camp after getting breakfast at Waffle House (it was the first time I’d eaten there)

Corn Nuggets

First off, I am going to start out by saying we had time to get off of the site and go eat lunch and chill every day and the first day they took me to Chicken Express. Let me tell you, GET THE CORN NUGGETS. Yes, I was a little hesitant at first but after a bit of encouragement I got them and it was probably the best decision I made that day. THEY ARE SO GOOD. Not even just like yeah this side is good. I would eat them any day any hour because they are SO GOOD.
Second I went to another place called Cane’s which was also good but nothing could ever compare to the Corn Nuggets I had from Chicken E.


We had no idea what we were walking into but the week was amazing. The kids were great and we had a week filled with Jesus and fun. The leaders at this camp were amazing. Our group really connected to another group from Louisiana and we hung out all week. We made a late night Whataburger trip and got really connected and it was fun meeting people with our same intention, spreading the Gospel to kids. They really showed how much they love Jesus and it was a great week spent with great people.


The OKWU team was there to help mostly with games. On the first day, we filled up about fifteen hundred water balloons for a game that night. It was called D-Day and the goal was the students to get up the paintball hill dry and if they got hit in the process had to go out and start again. It was a really fun game where the counselors and staff got the chance to just wail on the kids who were more than willing to try and make it up the hill. Not many did but they definitely tried.

During the course of the week, each game was worth points. Other ways to earn points were memorizing Bible verses and having the best team chant. My team was Marvel-Us. Each team had a bit of fabric that we tore up for bracelets and my team had Marvel Comics. We ended up coming in second overall losing to D-Lo’s team the Mystery Machines (they had Scooby Doo fabric). They really pushed memorizing Scripture which is what really won them the title (they didn’t win a single game). Evan’s team, The Force was really competitive and did decent in the games but didn’t memorize Scripture all too much which really hurt them. Brittney’s team had a decent about of memorization and did really well in the games but ended up falling short. Overall, all the teams did well and had a lot of fun.

Every night there would be a sermon and it was powerful. We know the Holy Spirit was working in the lives of the students. They were letting the power of God work in their lives. On the last night, something unique happened. During the opening worship, the students broke down and were praying and crying and giving up all their issues to God and letting Him work in their lives. It was such a powerful two hours of prayer and worship that the speaker didn’t even get up and talk. He stood back and let God work in the students’ lives because nothing is more powerful than a direct conversation with God himself.

After the powerful and fun week at camp, we said out goodbyes and gave out our Instagrams and went our separate ways.

The direction we went was to Magnolia.


We were only a short distance from Waco and it was on my bucket list to go to The Silos (as featured in Fixer-Upper). We mentioned our destination and the camp director said they were going there as well and he would buy us lunch! We followed them to the Silos, shopped a bit and then went to eat at Twisted Root. I had the Freshman Fifteen burger and it was amazing. I would definitely recommend going to Twisted Root in Waco if you get the chance.

I got my mom a sign that said: “There will be Miracles”. We’ve had a tough year and when I gave it to her she cried and it really touched my heart. I wish I could give my mom the world not just an expensive sign from a really famous place we both love.

I really loved my opportunity to go to Texas. The adventure didn’t stop there. We flew out to Oregon the next day.

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