Day Hiking 101

It’s simple… JUST DO IT.


I have always been afraid of doing something wrong and the chances are you will. You might get really tired or run out of water. You might forget your granola bar and not have a snack on the trail but it will all be fine!

I recently went on a hike by myself, you can read about it here. I made a few mistakes. I took the wrong type of bag for a hike. I didn’t account for the wind when I got up to the top and was freezing. I definitely wore the wrong type of shoes. But I gained confidence.


I decided that I can’t be afraid of doing things by myself because I love doing things and I have friends that all have separate lives and are busy and it’s just impossible to plan spontaneous events.

Okay, Let’s talk logistics. – I am talking about basic hill hiking. Nothing too crazy.


  • a sandwich or granola bar
  • a light jacket – or long sleave shirt
  • a notebook and pen
  • camera (phones work just fine)
  • sunglasses
  • first aid kit (I got mine at target)

I pack all this in a small backpack. I have the Osprey Packs Viper 9 Hydration Pack and I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone and everyone! It is the perfect size for carrying all things for a day hike.*


  • leggings – not shorts (unless you are blessed with thighs that don’t touch – which isn’t me)
  • tank top or t-shirt
  • tennis shoes – very important!

Wear things that can get sweaty and nasty even if the hike isn’t that hard I sweat like wild and somehow I always get dirty even when I feel like I didn’t touch anything besides the gravel trail (it’s dust).
I am also a fair weather hiker. I wish I could get out more but when I pick and choose my days I would rather work on days it’s overcast or rainy and get out in the sun when it’s there. 

BONUS: Wear a sports watch like Fitbit or Apple Watch and so you can see your steps and calories burned. It makes it feel extra fun!

*I also took it on my church camp adventure which you can read about here

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