My “OUT OF THIS WORLD” Adventure

The Start


One of my dear best friends Sara Ashley made a life-changing decision to sell LuLaRoe, she opened up Planet Mars LuLaRoe Boutique. She is a top notch salesman and so inside her wisdom, she knew she needed a graphic designer.

She called me up one day and asked if I’d like to take this position in branding her and taking over her graphics. Since LuLaRoe is already a brand with very specific regulations I had to take up the task in making a complaint system inside of the already established system.


Inside of LuLaRoe, there is the number of rules when it comes to designing and I abide by all of them inside of my creations.


Planet Mars LuLaRoe Boutique is a brand within a brand. We built up loyal customers because we have a simple aesthetic we stay true to. We don’t get wild with random backgrounds that don’t fit our theme. Everything that is posted is specifically thought out and created with community and intention in mind.


What I can do for YOU

Are you a LuLaRoe consultant with bland graphics or maybe they aren’t bland but they are what EVERYONE else is doing. Yeah, you can find some graphics on Pinterest (heck, I’ve posted there).
But I can create the world for you. Planet Mars has over 9,000 members and that is because we created a place with a specific goal in mind. Not only is it selling clothes but it’s a place where women can go and feel loved. It is a place where people have literally made friends. It is a really cool digital environment where women not only find amazing pieces of their wardrobe but they find friends and find love and find self-love.

I’d be more than happy to help you create that world and it’s so easy. I am a graphic designer who emphasizes in Social Media marketing.

Join my community and I can help you with WHATEVER you need. You need a little consulting or a little graphic work or maybe a COMPLETE overhaul that will spice up your feed and make your tribe more interested.

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