My Dressember Story

I found this group of women who were aspiring to change the world. One of my friends who I follow on Instagram posted about it 11 months ago that she was going to do this challenge of wearing a dress every day in December. I looked at my wardrobe and mentally said to myself I don’t have enough dresses to do that. Well fast forward to now and that is no longer my excuse.

What is Dressember?

Dressember is an organization that challenges women to wear a dress everyday for the month of December. The real challenge is the advocacy for human trafficking. The dress is a talking point to the wearer and a reminder that there are millions of people around the world that are enslaved. 

“The dress is our uniform, the flag of our movement. Dressember is an opportunity to reclaim and reappropriate  the dress as a symbol of freedom and power; a flag for the inherent dignity of all people.”

I am vastly under qualified to talk about an issue that is so important. I am choosing to ignore the voice in my head that says I am too small. I know that even if I inspire one person to think about the magnitude of human trafficking I have done my part. I will admit that I am not anywhere near an expert and I promise I wont have all the answers but what I will promise is that I will try. I will learn and I will pray and I will fight while wearing a dress because one thing I know for fact is that when you get a bunch of women on a cause there is no stopping what could happen.

I love the cause, but I don’t want to wear a dress.

DON’T FRET! There is no rule book. You don’t have to wear a dress. Some women hate dresses and I usually live in leggings. The important thing is that we are talking about this. Tell everyone about your crazy friend who decided to wear a dress for the whole month of December. Change the wallpaper on your phone to remind you that there are more than 30 MILLION people enslaved worldwide and that we need to be praying for them.  I believe that one of the most important things we can do in this world is get educated. Let’s learn together about this cause.

This quote from the Lizzie McGuire Movie pops into my head a lot. I watched this movie young and for awhile I thought the fashion police where always looking for me. I can confidently say that when I hear this quote it makes me mad. Lizzie was a normal person with a limited wardrobe LIKE ALL OF US. Of course she was an outfit repeater.

I didn’t go out and buy 20 new dresses because I was doing Dressember. I will admit I do have a lot of dresses but it is no secret that I will be repeating outfits. I barley make enough money while in college to cover my rent, let alone go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. So bear with me and maybe when someone asks why I’ve worn my favorite dress for a week straight I will be able to tell them about this WORTHY cause.

Is wearing a dress enough?

No. It’s not. If the only thing you’re getting out of this challenge is an instagram post, you are doing it wrong. I really had to pray about this point because I am inherently a very vain person and I will admit one of my favorite things is posting on instagram and seeing all the likes come in. That is not what Dressember is about. My main focus over the course of the next 40-ish days is going to be awareness. Yes I will be posting everyday a picture of me in a dress but please read the caption. Let’s educate ourselves together because a fast way to become more powerful is with our minds. I will no longer plead ignorance on an important issue that impacts a huge chunk of the world.

You’re asking for money?

This is the part I was most hesitant about. The big main purpose of Dressember is the fundraising goal. The organization has a system set in place to funnel the money into exactly where it needs to go. They have different avenues that help survivors get the help they need after they get out of slavery. Additionally, they partner with other organizations to work inside the government to end slavery. 

Together we can end slavery. That is a confident statement and I will stand by it.

Click here to go to my Page!
You can join or donate money to the cause.

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